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No topic is off limits for The GiN Lounge. Our popular weekly podcasts tackle all types of gaming and industry issues. So have a listen!

Hearts Of Iron III

The quintessential grand strategy game of World War II is getting a makeover with the release of Hearts of Iron III. We chat with the team who created HOI3 to find out what surprises they have in store for us.

The Economy 101

This week The GiN Lounge is all about the economy. Our financial reporter examines how we got into this sorry state, what parts of the game industry are actually thriving, and when we might see light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Does sex belong in video games? Titles like Mass Effect would seem to suggest it’s possible to do well, while others like The Witcher and Saints Row 2 take a different path. It’s all about sex this week in the lounge.

E3 2009

The E3 Expo returns to L.A. this week in an attempt to regain some measure of its former glory. But is E3 even relevant anymore? We relive E3’s past splendor, and speculate on the show’s somewhat uncertain future.

Puzzles With Punch

Some people love them, others hate them. And many fear them. But they’re a staple of the industry, and are here to stay. The GiN Lounge crew noodle out what it means to be a perfect puzzle game this week. And you might be surprised.