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Fan Collective Unimatrix 47: Star Trek Prodigy “Asylum” Episode

After the animated series long hiatus, Star Trek: Prodigy makes its return with part two of its first season, and Fan Collective Unimatrix 47 takes a look at that eleventh episode. Dal and his crew make their way to the nearest Federation Relay Outpost in order to request asylum. However, things go awry when the caretaker attempts to download the Protostar’s logs. Our cadets manage to escape death, but what will these events mean for their journey to Starfleet?

Fan Collective Unimatrix 47: Star Trek Lower Decks “Trusted Sources” Episode

This week, Fan Collective Unimatrix 47 looks at the ninth episode of the third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Captain Freeman’s efforts finally come to fruition in the form of Project Swing By, and the project comes with FNN coverage. Freeman tries to put her best foot forward, but somehow, the reporter concludes that the Cerritos is not the tight ship Freeman wants to portray. Freeman blames everyone’s favorite Lower Decks troublemaker, Ensign Beckett Mariner.

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