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Royce is an incurable gamer. Games of all types. He started many moons ago with chess and checkers (harmless enough) then progressed to board strategy wargames, pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons and the early console games. His love of games has grown through the years. His only wish was to find others to game with as solitaire gaming has its drawbacks; and to this end became involved with several play by mail games. While in high school Royce was busy developing his own wargames that played on hand made eight foot by four foot maps with tons of hand made counters to represent the various units involved.|It was a natural progression that he evolved into a computer game nut, since now the computer could handle the job previously performed by lots of charts, tables and die rolls. Then finally came the Internet games. WooHoo! Now he could play with other real live gamers in real time. He has literally died and gone to heaven!|An Electronics Engineer by education, Royce is now a Software engineer working with the Comanche Helicopter program ) and spends all day as well as all night and weekends on the computer ( much to his wife's chagrin at times ).

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Rule the Known World with Europa Universalis

Everybody wants to rule the world. With Europa Universalis, you can do that. Starting as one of the major, or not so major powers, in the year 1492 (or other various starting points of the many scenarios that come with the game) you vie with either computer or live opponents (via the Internet options) all trying for the same thing – World Domination. Or at least you want to be the biggest and most successful country by the end of the game period (which is 1792 for the grand campaign and varies with the other scenarios). You can even choose … Continue reading Rule the Known World with Europa Universalis

Island Hopping – At Its Best

With Battle Isle: The Andosia Wars, you can do some serious island hopping! The latest installment of the Battle Isle series (Hehe I remember the first one that I bought just after installing my first CD-ROM drive on my computer many moons ago) Battle Isle: The Andosia Wars is an intriguing combination of turn-based movement and combat and a real time economy. So while your opponent plays his turn, your economy is busily producing the goods and units you will need during your turn. The premise of the game is an attempt by the Children of Haris, lead by their … Continue reading Island Hopping – At Its Best

Wizards & Warriors is Not Quite Wonderful

Is Wizards & Warriors the next Wizardry Game? Unfortunately not! An attempt was made here to upgrade the award winning Wizardry system, even using some of the same folk that were responsible for that series, but falls a bit short. Visually appealing, heck they almost all look good these days, the gameplay bogs down due to the interface choices made. Other reviews I have read state that the game overall is well worth playing and that the further you delve into it, the more it rewards you. Us hardcore D&D computer gamers put up with a lot to get our … Continue reading Wizards & Warriors is Not Quite Wonderful

Rewrite history with Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Bat

Do you enjoy rewriting history? I know I do! Are you familiar with a little Battle in Belgium called Waterloo? Have you been waiting for a decent computer portrayal of this pivotal campaign of Napoleon’s? Then perhaps your wait is over – Strategy First is going to be bringing us BreakAway Games’ rendition of this famous Napoleonic conflict for use on your PC! A couple of things to start off this preview: I was playing the Beta 4 version of the game (which means that it will only get better!) I am not impressed with lineage, designer’s names or use … Continue reading Rewrite history with Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Bat

DESIGN and BUILD Your Very Own Mechs!

Yes you heard it right! Not only fight with these bad boys, but now you can design and build your own Mechs to play with. Plus, the ability to steal technology from your opponents and apply to your Mechs makes Metal Fatigue a winner. These are just a few of the things that make Metal Fatigue stand out from the vast armada of "Real time strategy" games to flood the market in the past months. The premise of this latest release from TalonSoft is the conquest of the latest ‘new’ planet to be discovered with vast quantities of resources that … Continue reading DESIGN and BUILD Your Very Own Mechs!

Ever Get Tired of Being the DM?

Then perhaps Interplay’s latest release, Icewind Dale, is what you and your Dungeons and Dragons group may be looking for. Icewind Dale is the latest in the series of TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PC adaptations dealing with the Forgotten Realms setting. The look and feel of the game resembles that found in Baldur’s Gate or Baldur’s Gate II. The three quarters view and the activation of various members of the group (in the stand alone game) are identical. The pausing of combat to allow commands to be given to the various members of the group are also similar. All … Continue reading Ever Get Tired of Being the DM?

Stay Alone – Stay Alive with Martian Gothic: Unification

"Stay alone, stay alive." As a member of a rescue team to Mars, you have just crashed landed on the Red Planet and as you head for your assigned airlock, these last words from the previous mission ring in your head! TalonSoft’s recent release of Martian Gothic: Unification puts the gamer into a world full of horror and suspense. Set in the year 2019, you are one of three members of a team sent to Mars to find out the fate of the previous mission that had set up Vita Base to see if life really did exist on our … Continue reading Stay Alone – Stay Alive with Martian Gothic: Unification

Allegiance is super space combat

Been looking for something more challenging than Space Combat against a predictable artificial intelligence? Enjoy the thrill of mining for resources and then using those resources to fuel your war efforts? Like the thought of team play against up to six other teams at once? Then perhaps Microsoft’s new multiplayer online space extravaganza – Allegiance deserves a look! Microsoft’s new entry into the multiplayer Internet gaming community, Allegiance has elements of Starcraft and Civilization (the finding and mining of minerals and a technology tree for technology advancement), Tribes (with multiplayer only team situations) and any of a host of 3 … Continue reading Allegiance is super space combat

Enemy Nations is the best game you’ve never heard about

Got a high-powered machine and really enjoy the real time build and conquer games? Then you owe it to your self to check out Enemy Nations from Windward Studios! Similar to such games as Starcraft, Red Alert, Age of Empires, etc., Enemy Nations takes real time strategy and combines it with the best of the real time builders likes of Civilization, War Craft and Heroes of Might and Magic! The resultant real time builder / strategy game is truly worth the investment in time and effort to become familiar with. The minimum platform is only a 486 / 66 machine … Continue reading Enemy Nations is the best game you’ve never heard about

Grand Canyon will leave you breathless

Oh, Ain’t it Grand? After downloading megabyte upon megabyte of scenery from the Internet in the past, I was eager to see how the "professional" scenery compared. Everyone knows that the scenery which ships with Flight Simulator is pretty sparse and that there have been a lot of sims lately that boast their superior scenery as a major selling point. This would be my chance to see how good scenery could be with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 98 by experimenting with Grand Canyon for Microsoft Flight Simulator & Combat Flight Simulator from Wilco Publishing. Grand Canyon covers about 12,000 square miles, … Continue reading Grand Canyon will leave you breathless

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