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Nate has been a publishing professional for 20 years and his writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post Group.|With John Breeden, Nate founded GiN in 1997 to provide clear, factual journalism for the video game industry. He's proud of GiN's long record of honest coverage and wide-ranging topics. Nate is committed to maintaining GiN's high standards now and in the future.

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Start Up 2000 is tycoon training

I don’t often do reviews. John says it’s like pulling teeth to get me to give him copy. I tell him that running a small publishing house is more like pulling teeth and that he should try it sometime. He then tells me that if I think I’m so smart I should review this new game, ‘Start Up 2000.’ Exit John, looking pleased with himself. Start Up 2000 is a simulation of the business world and the insanity that surrounds the world of high tech start ups. From the demands that your investors can place upon you, to the marketing, … Continue reading Start Up 2000 is tycoon training

Wrong Targets

I was reminded this week of an old mini-series on television back in the 1980s where the then-powerful Soviet Union had taken over the United States. A few people decided to revolt and a professional soldier who was getting ready to fight the Soviet threat was standing in a train station. Suddenly, a sniper’s gun rings out and a couple of Soviet army privates getting off the train are killed. The rookie-traveling companion of the professional soldier is overjoyed at seeing the dead Russians, but the professional soldier just looks disgusted. "Wrong targets," he says, continuing to explain that the … Continue reading Wrong Targets

MindRover: The Europa Project will stretch your mind

Despite the controversy surrounding his findings, Darwin really did have it right. The strongest, fastest and smartest creatures live. Nowhere I think is this more evident than at a full-blown robot war competition. If you have never seen a robot war first hand, you should. Whether you are watching robots trying to outmatch each other in soccer games, or beat each other to piles of circuits and frayed wires, it’s always an exciting event. Just thinking about all the programming that went into each robot’s artificial intelligence, not to mention the components and sensors, is mind-boggling. But unless you happen … Continue reading MindRover: The Europa Project will stretch your mind

Pretzel Pete is hot console action for the PC

I admit, I’ve been a gamer for a long time. I go back to the days of Asteroids and Moon Cresta. A friend of mine has a Gorf game in their living room and I recently tried to buy an original Space Invaders game when I passed one on the interstate. That’s why I don’t get to write many reviews. It’s also why Pretzel Pete is the game for me. The folks at XSIV told me that they simply decided they liked those kind of games so much that they decided to create one for the new generation of players … Continue reading Pretzel Pete is hot console action for the PC

Get Medieval will woo Gauntlet fans, crush competition

Imagine a game where up to four players are navigating a top-down maze. They are constantly threatened by monsters, traps, thieves, curses and continually declining health. Their only means of survival is to find an exit on each level while collecting helpful items like scrolls, health, keys and various enhancement. Sound familiar? It should and it shouldn’t. I’m talking about Get Medieval by Monolith a great game out for the PC. But if you said "that sounds a lot like Gauntlet," give yourself half credit. Let me make something clear. Part of the appeal of Get Medieval is due to … Continue reading Get Medieval will woo Gauntlet fans, crush competition