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I'm a gamer, and voracious reader. I love stories of all kinds, except Twilight, and will partake in any meal subsisting of any type of medium. Raised in the Pacific Northwest and an avid admirer of Japanese culture and language.

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Video Game Tuesday: Framerates and You

Hey all I’m back with a question to the community for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.  It’s all about Framerates and You! Framerates?: I’ve made clear my opinions on Framerates multiple times in the past, and while I still remain unchanged in my opinion on the matter, I do want to hear from you the reader. When you are looking at potential video games to purchase, how important is framerates to you? Do you even consider it? Is it one of the most important things? What do you want in terms of Frame Rate in this age of 120hz OLED … Continue reading Video Game Tuesday: Framerates and You

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