Manga Monday: Where is Hunter x Hunter?

Michael Blaker
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This week for Manga Monday I’m answering a question. Where has Hunter x Hunter been? Find out below!

You know where it’s been!?: Okay so I don’t actually know what’s up with the series, although I know for a fact it hasn’t been axed. Not yet at least.  Yoshihiro Togashi has been either severely sick or his son has been so often that it makes me wonder if he’s alive sometimes, but we get some news that he’s still kicking every once in a while.

Why hasn’t HxH been axed?: Well Yoshihiro Togashi is a known Mangaka for Shueisha and they know any of his work will sell well. Not only that, but HxH has been on hiatus so much that pretty much any chapters we get will be received fairly well.

But HxH didn’t even have a single chapter in 2015!: This is the most worrisome news regarding HxH, and honestly I think Yoshihiro Togashi is dealing with some super serious stuff, but that’s just a guess and not a fact.

When will it start up again?: Honestly I’ve got no clue, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Yoshihiro Togashi has died tomorrow. I really hope not, but with almost no public sightings of him last year, with only a single piece of festival artwork being the most recent sign he’s alive, I’m honestly just as stumped as everyone else.  Hopefully he’ll finish the series, but as the main goal of Gon has already been met, the series could be axed any day now. It’d be a disappointment, but not unexpected at this point.

That’s it for this week’s Manga Monday!

2 thoughts on “Manga Monday: Where is Hunter x Hunter?”

  1. I’m actually really pissed. When I go professional for soccer I’m making a budget for a huge hunter x hunter game that is all.

    Love that show, I swear to god if there isn’t more anime episodes to come…. I shall not finish that sentence

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