Tower Of Ascension Unveiled For iOS

WarpPortal, known for publishing the online titles Ragnarok Online & Ragnarok 2, has revealed an all new mobile Action- Role-Playing game, Tower of Ascension, being developed by Gravity Co.Ltd. Powered by Unreal Engine 3 Technology, this iOS exclusive game has launched in South Korean and is slated for a North American release December 2013.

"We wanted to something extraordinary to bring to the mobile market," stated Jay Choi, COO of Gravity Interactive, "the Unreal 3 Engine helped us do just that, with beautifully rendered graphics, and amazingly smooth gameplay."

Tower of Ascension was designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets, with High Quality graphics, and fast-paced gameplay. Players can choose to play as a Warrior, Wizard, and Hunter each with their own unique skill trees and powerful finishing moves. Battle against friends or party up with them to take down some of the vilest monsters in your quest for immortality.

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