Squashies Plop Onto Apple, Android Platforms

Successful mobile app publisher, Focus Multimedia, has announced a charming and unique new action-puzzle game, Squashies World, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Developed by award-winning studio The Game Creators, Squashies World asks players to rescue the stranded Squashies ‘ a collection of cute, cool and colorful characters ‘ after their world is turned upside down by a tornado.

The Squashies are desperate to return to the world where they live. Players must work out how to save the Squashies by squashing together characters of the same type until there are none left in the level. The game uses intuitive squashy touch controls to aim the characters around the playing field. The quicker the player clears a level, the more points they are awarded.

Each of the hand-crafted levels offers a different challenge, and a variety of obstacles stands in the player’s way. Barriers, force fields, windmills, sticky walls and other devious devices all conspire to thwart the Squashies on their journey home. Fortunately, easy-to-learn controls allow the player to concentrate on honing their skills and steadily progressing through the vividly colored levels.

‘We wanted to put out an action-puzzle game that really makes the most of the touch screen,’ said Rick Vanner, Business Development Director for The Game Creators. ‘We’ve found that players really enjoy the elasticity involved in pinging the Squashies across the screen.’

‘Squashies World is ideal for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gamers seeking a blast of fun,’ said Grant Hughes, Director of Focus Multimedia’s fdigital mobile label. ‘It’s a very addictive game with intuitive controls, vibrant visuals and sneaky puzzles, and it will quickly hook casual players.’

Squashies World relies on skill, accuracy and speed. The characters’ actions are accurately physically modelled to create an unlimited variety of bouncy movements. With a specially-commissioned soundtrack and cartoon-quality sound effects, Squashies World is a rich gaming experience that will bring a smile to players’ faces.

Squashies World is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, via Apple’s iTunes App Store. Android users can download the app from the Google Play store.

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