A sign of things to come in This War Of Mone

Dystopia Triple Pack Up For Grabs On Steam


Get your dark narrative fix with the newly released Badtime Stories Bundle on Steam! Featuring critically acclaimed gloom, the Badtime Stories bundle packages together the best in current gaming dystopia with Beholder, This War of Mine, and Orwell!

Both Orwell and Beholder are newly released indie gems from 2016, receiving heaps of praise for their dark but human choice-making and uncomfortable Orwellian tone. Players will be pushed into the grey of making decisions with both personal, and societal implications that aren’t easy. Balance your job and conscience while unwrapping strong narratives put together respectively by Osmotic Studios, and Warm Lamp Games.

This War of Mine rounds out the three as one of the best-selling indie titles in the last few years. You play as a group of civilians struggling with lack of food, medicine, and constant danger in a war-torn environment. Experience war from a completely new angle and deal with the harshness of survival.

If you own any of these three great games already (look at you go), you’re still in luck. The Badtime Stories Bundle adjusts accordingly and gives you 15% off any of the remaining games you’ve yet to purchase to complete your collection!


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