Charlotte's Web Game Featured On Movie DVD

Planetwide Media announced today Charlotte's Web Storybook Creator is included in millions of Charlotte's Web DVDs. Fans of the Paramount Pictures' motion picture will now be able to create their own Charlotte's Web storybooks with key movie scenes, characters, tag lines, and graphics from the movie.

"Charlotte's Web Storybook Creator" is an innovative interactive entertainment software product that enables fans to use their imaginations and actual "Charlotte's Web" movie content to create their own storybooks. The completed "Charlotte's Web" storybook can be posted to a blog, emailed to a friend or printed out to share anywhere. Storybook Creator users can drag and drop characters, backgrounders, icons, tag line, symbols, audio clips and artwork into a selection of over 500 different layout and design templates, then combine their creation with personalized storyline to make their own "Charlotte's Web" storybooks.

"Charlotte's Web" Storybook Creator software is available digital download at Planetwide Games online portal

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