Caesar Gets an Upgrade!


Matrix Games ( and Koios Works ( are pleased to announce version 1.1 of Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar. This update optimizes the performance of the graphics engine and allows users more flexibility in setting their level of performance and graphical quality. In addition, adjustments have been made to increase AI difficulty for experienced players.

The graphics optimizations decrease overhead and provide a new feature allowing you to adjust graphic detail. Players with lower end machines will be able to set their detail level on medium or low for improved performance. The AI adjustment scales the difficulty levels better, with easy slightly easier, normal mode relatively the same, and hard mode somewhat more difficult.

Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar is a 3D miniatures-based strategy game that features two campaigns that take you from the Gaelic Wars to the Roman Civil War as the legendary Julius Caesar. Each battle consists of 3D hand-painted style miniatures units on a variety of rendered battlefields. Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar features a full 3D engine with numerous graphical improvements to its predecessor, Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great.

The v1.1 update and more information about Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar is available from the Matrix Games website at


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