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Alexander Fitzgerald is a professional poker player and published author who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica. When he's not rap battling, writing, or running his physical therapy clinic he can be found playing first-person shooters on his Playstation 4 with his sound system set to "deafen."

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Beach Bums

If the Better Business Bureau were ever to do a seminar on how to identify false advertising, Ultimate Beach Soccer should be their centerpiece. With the word "beach" in the title and a cover adorned by two bikini-clad women you would think Ultimate Beach Soccer was just another title trying to capitalize on the popularity of other hormone-enraging titles such as DOA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball or Outlaw Volleyball. Unfortunately, like those games the gameplay absolutely sucks in UBV, but there isn’t a single digital gal to give at least the guys some relief. What we’re left with instead is a … Continue reading Beach Bums

Bagging Bad Guys

Combining genres is something that is very difficult to do in any entertainment medium, especially the video games industry. While the very process of combining gameplay styles is a difficult process, it’s hard to predict what is going to and not going to work. With this knowledge I would like to give my respect to Black Ops for trying to combine fighting games with first person shooters in their new game Fugitive Hunter. I would also like to smack whoever directed this game as well, for killing a potentially promising idea with terrible execution, and for making me waste around … Continue reading Bagging Bad Guys

Violent, Demented Fun

Backyard Wrestling is not something for the kiddies. Though a very fascinating American subculture, the Backyard Wrestling videos contain everything you wouldn’t want your little brother seeing. Backyard Wrestlers aren’t just athletes – they’re machines. Immune to pain, backyard wrestlers do everything from stab each other with bottles, hit each other with barbed wire enwrapped bats, and even fall three stories through tables engulfed in flames. It’s sick, it’s demented, and unbelievably entertaining to anyone who doesn’t have a weak stomach. So, when Eidos announced half a year or so ago that they would be release a game based on … Continue reading Violent, Demented Fun

Cancelled show lives on

I always had a soft spot for Futurama when Fox was still airing it. Though the show was primarily known as just being Matt Groening’s other series, many people including myself fell in love with the show’s mix of science fiction parody, laugh-out loud funny dialogue, and the sheer stupidity of the show’s main character Fry. Unfortunately, Fox didn’t support the show as much as it supported that other Matt Groening show, so now Futurama fans have had to look for other places for their Futurama fix, and now TNT and Cartoon Network’s reruns of the series aren’t their only … Continue reading Cancelled show lives on

Kill.Switch Nudges New Ground

The shooter genre has been a staple in the video game industry ever since technology allowed them to be made. Like the platforming genre before it, titles that go under the "shooter" moniker usually follow the same basic formula, but since the formula is so fun to begin with many people don’t care to change it. When people do change things up a bit (Max Payne) the results can be stunning critically and commercially. Hoping for such results, Namco has released Kill.Switch, a pretty standard shooter with more emphasis than ever before on finding cover for your soldier. Namco pulls … Continue reading Kill.Switch Nudges New Ground

Red Rock Fumble

There are games out there that just beg you to ask, "What the heck happened?" RTX: Red Rock is one of those games. Though LucasArts has made some spectacular titles as of late (Knights of the Old Republic) and is well known for its stylish adventure games back in the day (Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle) this game is quite possibly one of the worst Lucasarts has ever released, where nothing works the way it should and the only thing that goes through the roof is the difficulty…which brings back memories of the NES days when you … Continue reading Red Rock Fumble

Italian Job Spins Out

The Italian Job as a movie wasn’t anything particularly amazing, but it was still a fun ride. The writing was clever and occasionally humorous, the acting was superb, and the car chases and heists provided ample adrenaline rush for your movie going dollar. Now though we have a game based on that movie, which seems to have been developed for no other purpose than to remind us how mediocre most licensed games are…and to teach us how to smash our heads against the wall in boredom. The game’s plot is told through a series of shrewd cut scenes narrated by … Continue reading Italian Job Spins Out

Scooby Doo Haunts the PS2

Scooby Dooby Doo…where are you? Ah, the sound of my youth. I remember back in the days when I didn’t have to worry about homework, keeping my room clean, girls, or any of the other countless "important" things that bog my day when all I had to do to be happy was park in front of the TV and turn the dial to Cartoon Network. I admit it, I spent many an afternoon watching TV instead of playing out in the sun, but how could I go outside? These mysteries were always so interesting, and I just HAD to find … Continue reading Scooby Doo Haunts the PS2