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Hey all I’m back with another game review. It’s Escape Doodland!

Plot: I couldn’t find one, so that’s the off the table if you were looking forward to a story.

Gameplay: This plays like any number of older Platforming games in that it’s sidescrolling and you can’t control anything but going forward faster, and jumping. There is one other tiny mechanic which is the use of a stun on the thing chasing you and trying to eat you that never stops during the course of gameplay. However the mechanics are incredibly sophomoric and childish.

Pretty much you are collecting beans, to buy stuff in a shop that lets you play as other characters with little difference between controls that I found with the one I bothered to get enough beans to buy at least, and matches. The matches are used to ignite your farts, yes you really did read that right, to boost your speed or jumping capabilities.

Other than that it’s purely platforming and it’s not easy platforming at that. Even the very first level is incredibly difficult and will probably take you a good 3-5 tries to complete successfully if you are skilled averagely in these sorts of games. The fact that there is only a Hard and a Harder mode should give you a clue on the difficulty

Art: The art is very much the doodles that the title proclaims it to be, with it looking like it came out of an incredibly bored school kid’s notebook. That’s not to say it looks terrible, it just has that art style. That being said it’s not super amazing either, it’s just average.

Music: The music is upbeat enough to somewhat be pleasing to your ears, for the first 20 minutes max. After that it just becomes annoying, with the various sound effects being as sophomoric as the gameplay mechanics they are used for.

Overall: If you enjoy masochistic platformers, you may enjoy Escape Doodland, but otherwise you’re better off finding a different game to play as it’s low price-point of $10 is still $5 too high in my opinion

For those who like: Platformers, Sophmoric Game Mechanics, Literally No Plot, and Hand-drawn Art Styles.

Not for those who don’t like:  Any of the above.

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