Useful Links

These are some other websites you might find useful in your pursuit of learning more about Titan: The Arena.

The Boardgame Players Association
Of course this is where you find out everything you need to know about the BPA and the WBC.

The BoardGameGeek page for Titan:The Arena/Colossal Arena
Sometimes there are rules questions in the forums, people have uploaded photos, and there is even a marketplace for buying and selling games.

The AREA Page for Titan: The Arena
The Avalon Hill Reliability, Experience, and Ability Scoring System rates players in games that have been reported to them. I have submitted to them every WBC game since I started GMing. NOTE: Occasionally down for extended periods.

Unboxed: The Board Game Blog
A weekly blog that reviews boardgames, as the name implies. The reviews are very detailed and well written.

Fantasy Flight's Colossal Arena Site
Here you can learn about the newer version of the game, which hopefully they will continue to support for a while.

Reiner Knizia's Website
The inventor of Titan: The Arena and like a million other games.