The Secret World Beta Begins Templar Week

Today Funcom kicks off Week of the Templars; a full week of focus on the Templars secret society. Throughout the week, all eyes will be on the historic and uncompromising Templars society, one of three secret societies represented in the upcoming, modern-day MMO ‘The Secret World.’

Which secret society are you? Sign up for the beta and join a secret society by taking the initiation test on!

The Templars is the most uncompromising and traditional of the three in-game secret societies; based in London, the focus of the Templars is their crusade against darkness. Throughout the week Funcom will reveal something new about the Templars secret society, ranging from articles, artwork, screenshots, video and an exclusive Q&A session hosted on the official ‘The Secret World’ Facebook page. These exclusive items will be available on select media sites, as well as on ‘The Secret World’ official website.

"Going behind the scenes of the Templars secret society is both exciting and revealing; remarkably little is known about the inner workings of this organization despite its well known public image," Says Ragnar Tørnquist, Senior Producer and Director for ‘The Secret World’. "Uncompromising and fiercely brutal, the Templars is an organization with a single goal; to eradicate evil no matter how long it takes them. This is a great opportunity to shed some light on this secret society."

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