Why PrepAway is All You Need for Your IT Exam Preparation

IT certifications have become popular and marketable. However, acquiring them is not easy as thorough preparation is needed for you to pass. PrepAway website provides the necessary resources that you need in your exam preparation. It has a unique exam simulator, exam dumps, and training videos.

IT certification sphere

What is IT certification?

An IT certification is what is used to validate a professional’s competency in certain areas of information technology, which can be obtained through hands-on experience and education. In most cases IT certifications are vendor-specific.

Current Top IT certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certifications
  • CompTIASecurity + 
  • CompTIAA+
  • VMware Certified Professional 6
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Why is it important to get IT certified?

  • Acquiring a certification helps you keep up to date with the recent IT trends.
  • IT certifications are important for your professional growth.
  • IT-based positions command high salaries compared to non-IT professions.
  • There are a lot of job opportunities to find a job all over the globe if you are IT-certified.
  • Being IT-certified qualifies you for a promotion in the organization you work for.
  • Your networking opportunities increase when you earn IT certifications because you join a group of skilled professionals.

How to pass IT exam

  • Start preparing for the exam at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Find a revision approach that works best for you.
  • Do practice questions.
  • Enroll in an exam review course.
  • Take a rest a night before the exam.
  • Don’t panic during the exam.
  • Read the exam questions carefully.

How to prepare for IT exams

  • Read through the exam objectives.
  • Look for the recommended study materials.
  • Take notes while studying.
  • Take practice tests.
  • Join a group discussion.

Different preparation materials for IT exams

  • Study Guides
  • Practice tests
  • Labs
  • Courses

PrepAway website

  • Its aim

The aim of PrepAway website is to help you prepare you for certification exams by providing necessary study materials of high quality. The resources are user-friendly, informative and always up to date. They are prepared specifically with you in mind.

  • What it offers

PrepAway platform offers practice test software that helps you in exam preparation. The tool used for this is known as Exam Testing Engine (ETE) from Vumingo. This testing engine makes the exam preparation sessions more enjoyable, thus keeping you focused and motivated. This makes exam preparation more effective. PrepAway offers .ETE files for all popular certifications: Cisco CCNA R&S, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, PMI Project Management Professional, EC-Council

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications and many others.

PrepAway also offers video training courses on various certifications and accessibility to best exam preparation resources.

The platform also has a section of top exam dumps very helpful for you to choose the required one. Using such exam dumps in your preparation helps you know what to expect in the exam and also familiarize you with the exam structure.

  • Unique features

One of the best features that stands out with PrepAway training courses is their accessibility.  This site is accessible 24/7.  The process of getting access to the course is also simple. All you need is to sign up, log in, choose the course and purchase it. The price for courses is really low. In addition, you can be surprised by discounts provided on several courses. Thus, grab the change to make a good bargain at favourable prices. Still, be aware that the exam dumps are free.

Video guides have detailed descriptions and cover the scents of exam objectives. The instructors in the tutorials are real experts in the IT field. This makes the tutorials more understandable to you. You are also assured of thorough coverage of the topics.

  • Exam Testing Engine (ETE)

Exam Testing Engine (ETE) is a test simulator created mainly to help you in exam preparation. It does this by allowing you to create, edit and take practice tests in an environment similar to the actual exam you are preparing for. Through this, you know what to expect and you get a chance to evaluate your readiness, making you thoroughly prepared and you avoid any kind of panicking during the exam. The ETE turns a monotonous exam preparation process into a dynamic enjoyable action.

Features of ETE

o   Full exam in a single file.

o   Creation and edition of tests.

o   A diversity of question types.

o   Detailed score reports.

o   Stores history of test results.

o   Saves and restores testing sessions.

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps are past exam questions and answers. The PrepAway Cisco CCNA, MCSE, A+, Network+, Security+ certification exam dumps course provides exam dumps to help you in your exam preparation. Through exam dumps, you get to know what the actual exam is like. You are also able to identify your weak areas through the use of exam dumps so that you can work on your weak areas more and more until you get it right. The other advantage of using exam dumps is that it allows you to time yourself so that by the time the exam time comes, you would be able to manage your time well.

PrepAway training courses

PrepAway offers training courses for various top certifications from the leading IT vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, AWS, PMI etc.)

Are the training courses useful for an exam preparation?

The training courses are useful in the exam preparation. They help you understand topics in depth, give the explanation of the points you have issues with, while using practice tests, you just revise the learnt material and find areas that you still need to work on.

Benefits of these courses

  • Training resources found on the PrepAway platform are developed by IT experts so you are assured of a deep coverage of the course.
  • Through the use of the ETE tool, you enhance your chance to pass the exam on your first try and become certified easily.
  • You get profound exam preparation with exam dumps and video training.

PrepAway releases IT certification questions for all vendors

There are a lot of IT vendors with a variety of certification courses. The most popular are Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco and VMware. PrepAway releases the certification exam questions for all these vendors. They are uploaded by experts who have taken the exam and passed.

Why should exam takers choose PrepAway?

There are many reasons why exam takers choose PrepAway. Some of them are:

  • Accessibility
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Detailed course description
  • Qualifiedinstructors
  • Regular updates of practice tests
  • Feedback on exam dumps

What are the advantages?

  • Unique exam simulator, ETE that turns exam preparation process from boring to dynamic and interactive process.
  • Training resources are verified by IT professionals.
  • Exam questions are free.
  • PrepAway training courses are available 24/7.
  • PrepAway provides all study materials needed for exam preparation.

If you are preparing for any certification exam, you now know the website to look for.  Get free, updated and valid material available on the website. Use exam dumps, video courses, and Testing Engine in your preparation. Make the studying process interactive and enjoyable. Thus, become certified easily. Save your time and money! Wish you success!

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