Reverb Names Casey Lynch VP

Reverb Communications today announced that it has tapped longtime gaming journalist and former Radar Group VP of Communications Casey Lynch to serve as Reverb's director of public relations and business development. Casey's long years as a gaming and music journalist at outlets ranging from Los Angeles Times and Alternative Press to GamePro and Official Xbox Magazine, combined with his experience on the executive staff at Radar Group, make him uniquely equipped to help serve and shape the future of Reverb's ever-expanding portfolio of clients.

"Joining the Reverb team is a perfect fit for me," said Lynch of his new position. "I've worked with the team for years covering their games, now I get to use my experience as a critic and former public relations exec to help shape the company's press strategy, as well as contribute to the direction of our client's new IP, which has always been a goal of mine."

In addition to providing guidance for a variety of Reverb projects and programs, Lynch will work cooperatively with the Reverb team identifying, vetting and developing new and existing IP for Reverb client Publisher X.

"Casey knows this business inside and out and has worked on both sides of the editorial and public relations fences," said Tracie Snitker, vice president of public relations for Reverb. "He's a gamer's gamer, and he's got a friggin' Guitar Hero character named after him!"

For the better part of the last two decades, Lynch has worked as a writer and editor for some of the most prestigious gaming and entertainment outlets in the country, including GamePro, GameSpy, GamesRadar, Hardcore Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation Magazine, as well as Los Angeles Times, Alternative Press, SCI FI Wire and Monster and Critics. More recently, Lynch served as vice president of communications at Radar Group, spearheading the company's PR and marketing strategies alongside industry vets Scott Miller and Jim Perkins.

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