Jet Li Character Joining Age of Wushu MMO

Snail Games today announced a new additional bonus single-player training experience, "Twilight Village Story," for Age of Wushu. This spring, players will be able to fight alongside Wushu master, martial arts megastar and film actor Jet Li in the highly anticipated role-playing MMO game!

Through this zone, players will work together with Li, who takes on the role of a reformed bandit guiding players through the village. Players aid him in rescuing villagers from attacks, fires and other challenges. Eventually, they need to save Li. This new training zone offers exciting experiences that give players more chances to gain experience to cultivate new abilities earlier on in quests and a glimpse at some of the game’s very powerful skills.

Snail Games has been actively listening to player feedback during Age of Wushu’s beta to ensure a successful launch. As requested by the community, Twilight Village Story provides an action-filled single player mission to introduce players to the game’s expansive features, including combat and exploration. Twilight Village Story details and further information will be announced closer to the exact launch in Spring 2013.

Jet Li is a globally renowned Chinese martial artist, Wushu champion and action film star. Li has made numerous appearances in major action films following his U.S. debut in "Lethal Weapon 4." His most recent film roles include "Sorcerer and the White Snake" and "The Expendables 2."


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