How Online Slots Have Become the Most Popular Casino Game

Online slots are considered by many players to provide more entertainment than any other online casino games. The casino industry has been well aware of the popularity of slots in their brick-and-mortar establishments for years, so when the business went digital in the 1990s, it was obvious that they would focus on online slots in the hops of repeating the success already proven in their land-based establishments. Here we take a deeper look into how they were able to make online slots the most popular casino game.

Customer-friendly games

Researchers have found that those casinos with the most online slots are able to retain customers for a longer amount of playing time. Online slots do not require players to have a large bankroll and can be played at any time, with most games available on mobile apps to be played anywhere.  Also, unlike table games such as poker and blackjack, customers can easily leave the game, whereas leaving a blackjack or poker table means giving up on the game, which can feel more challenging.

Software design

All casino games, including online slots, are designed in such a way to encourage people to play. Betsoft is becoming one of the leading casino software developers in the industry, with some of the best Betsoft casino games available across many sites. The designs are flashy and full of animations that keep people entertained and continuing to play.

Bonus play

A welcome bonus for new accounts registered allows new players to test slots and win real money before crediting any of their own money. This allows players to check out designs that are hidden until you hit a bonus within the game, not only is this a game within a game, it also gives more information about the game for future play.  Also, when you win on online slots the payout is much faster compared to an offline slot, which is a big reason for the popularity of this particular casino game.

Good RTP figure

The average RTP for slots is higher than any other casino game at around at least 95 per cent. There are variable rules for players who want to take part in online slot tournaments, but the RTP is usually the same though can have special bet rates for jackpots, bonus contests, or rewards.  Playing against the other members provides long playtimes and many offer free access which attracts new players.

Speed of the game

Slots are very fast and provide instant gratification. With one press you either win or try again. This same gratification does not happen so instantaneously on other casino games, in which players may need to wait a few minutes for some kind of return, if you get any return at all since most table games winners are in a winner takes it all style, which means you can walk away with nothing.

Online slots are cheaper for the casino

Online casinos want to encourage as many people as possible to sign up. The software for slots is much cheaper for a business than table games, which is why you will see so many slots on the popular casino sites.

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