GTR Servers Escape 10Tacle Bankruptcy

The lobby servers for GTR, GT Legends and GTR2 went down due to 10Tacle Studios AG's insolvency situation causing a major disappointment among the fans of the games. The games have been published by 10Tacle Studios AG including the responsibility for the lobby. SimBin is the developer behind the acclaimed game titles GTR, GT Legends and GTR2 of which the GTR brand is a registered brand owned by SimBin.

"We want to make sure that our fans can continue to enjoy our games on line and we are very happy that we could find a fast and positive solution together with KGN" said Henrik Roos, SimBin CEO. "It is of course sad to hear that our former partner has ended up in this situation", added Roos.

"KGN's K-Play has been supporting „GTR", "GTL" and "GTR 2" from the start and we are proud to be the key service-provider for these great games. Therefore we will continue our service in cooperation with SimBin in spite of the unfortunate insolvency of 10tacle. The cooperation will have K-Play continuing all the online-services for "GTR", "GTL" and "GTR 2" waiving all additional fees and SimBin covering only the arising costs of keeping the server-infrastructure online" said Götz Klingelhöfer, CEO of KGN.

"We feel that the "GTR" games are still the best racing games of their kind on the market and we'll continue to support the community together with SimBin for as long as possible.

Restart your engines, guys!" added Klingelhöfer.

GTR Evolution scheduled for release in the second half of August will not be affected under any circumstances since SimBin is the publisher and responsible for the GTR Evolution lobby servers.

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