1C Publishes Off-Road Drive For The PC

Leading Eastern and Central European publisher, 1C Company, is thrilled to announce Off-Road Drive is available at most major online retailers in the US for $34.99 today. Off-Road Drive is the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, racing experience.

Players will take part in The Russian Trophy, Off-Road Trial, Thai Trophy and many other events through the worst driving conditions such as swamps, rocks, snow and sand. This is not just a racing game though, it is a simulation. Featuring the largest variety of real off-road sport vehicles, Off-Road Drive includes tuned stock SUVs and trucks, as well as several classes of prototypes specifically built for extreme driving. The vehicles can be equipped with an assortment of special cross-country equipment and accessories including winches, low gear, differential gear locking, GPS, clinometer, altimeter, tire air pressure control, sand tracks, etc.

As racers drive they will see the most innovative simulation of interactive terrain response ever, vehicles will act just like they do in real life. Cars will sink in the dirt and the dirt will create a rut which will stick to the cars and tires affecting their handling. The game showcases surfaces that will not only affect tire friction but have complex reactions based on car weight, speed, wheel torque, tire condition, time on this surface, depth of car, immersion into the surface and much more. All events are carefully reconstructed according to authentic off-road competition rules, real-world tracks and true vehicle physics. Off-Road Drive brings real racing to fans of 4 wheel drive vehicles like no other game and is available now. For more information please go to www.offroad-game.com.


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