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Konami Showing Off MGS, PES At Tokyo Game Show

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2015 (TGS 2015) at Makuhari Messe (Chiba) beginning Thursday, Sept. 17. KONAMI will showcase global titles such as METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (MGSV: TPP), the latest in the over 41.7 million copy-selling METAL GEAR series, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. In addition to the single player campaign, MGSV: TPP will soon also feature the multiplayer online versus mode METAL GEAR ONLINE (MGO). The KONAMI booth at TGS 2015 will feature world’s first playable METAL GEAR ONLINE demo kiosks, allowing a maximum of 16 players at once to try the game … Continue reading Konami Showing Off MGS, PES At Tokyo Game Show

Pixel Pi’s Pulse Gets October Release Date

The team at Pixel Pi has released a brand new trailer to herald the announcement of the October 20 release date for Pulse. Watch the trailer now and dive into this truly unique game that puts you in the shoes of a girl named Eva, who lost her sight at a young age and must “see” the world through sound. Using this ability, and with help from the spirits of the forest, explore the forbidden paths once walked by your ancestors and discover the truth. Step into a world on the edge of collapse. Earthquakes shudder through the land, but why? … Continue reading Pixel Pi’s Pulse Gets October Release Date

What Happened to the Mummies?

For the last few years, zombies have anchored what’s left of their grotesque and decaying feet right in the top spot for entertainment’s go-to villain. The popularity of shows like The Walking Dead and now Fear the Walking Dead brought a slew of new fans to the horror genre, and games like Dead Island, (soon to be followed by Dead Island 2) and The Last of Us turned those fans into full-fledge zombiephiles. But there’s another terrifying undead creature that’s been underutilized during the last few years of zombie-mania. It’s the undervalued mummy. Mummies had their time in the sun … Continue reading What Happened to the Mummies?

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