Stronghold 3: Gold Coming Soon

Firefly Studios today announced that Stronghold 3: Gold Edition will be released on 25 May 2012 for PC and Mac. This new edition will bundle the latest version of Stronghold 3 with a new ‘Blackstaff’ single player campaign. Stronghold 3: Gold Edition will also unlock all 12 historical sieges, previously only available through special editions of the game. Stronghold 3: Gold Edition mixes fast-paced real-time strategy, village sim gameplay and dramatic castle sieges with hundreds of enemies on screen at once. A keep full of fantastic features includes realistic physics, intricate castle and village design, story-driven gameplay and multiplayer combat. … Continue reading Stronghold 3: Gold Coming Soon

Stronghold Kingdoms Hits 500,000 Players

Firefly Studios, creators of the Stronghold series and free-to-play MMORTS Stronghold Kingdoms, hit a major milestone this week with 500,000 registered players. Yesterday Kingdoms’ 500,000th player joined ‘World 4’, bringing the total number of Lords and Ladies to half a million. World 4 is the game’s newest English-language server, launched on Saturday 3rd March to keep pace with the recent influx of new subscriptions that is showing few signs of subsiding. Achieving this milestone puts Firefly half-way to achieving their goal of one million registered players, which it is hoped can be achieved with new markets and platforms. Firefly does … Continue reading Stronghold Kingdoms Hits 500,000 Players

Stronghold Kingdoms Celebrating Christmas

Stronghold Kingdoms will be giving away hundreds of thousands of presents this Christmas in the great Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas Giveaway. As a big "Thank You!" to the Kingdoms community, Firefly’s two weeks of Christmas are almost here. Starting next week players of our free-to-play online strategy game Stronghold Kingdoms will be given the chance to win an in-game present every day. Each day in the run up to Christmas, players will have the chance to win a prize by opening one of nine festive boxes when they login. Prizes range from rare strategy cards to premium tokens, with a guaranteed … Continue reading Stronghold Kingdoms Celebrating Christmas

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