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E-Sports on ESPN, Competitive Gaming Done Right

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know about all the times I comment about sports. In fact, my girlfriend even teases me about how I talk about it as much as I do games (but in her defense, she is almost just as bad, at least when it comes to independent wrestling.) But yes, I do talk about it a lot, as it is almost always on in the background when I’m not playing anything. But as we’ve noticed lately, there has been a big rise of what is called “e-sports,” competitive gaming events that showcase the … Continue reading E-Sports on ESPN, Competitive Gaming Done Right

Taking Aim at Shooter Engines

Just like an engine makes or breaks a vehicle’s performance, the same can be said for game engines, especially for titles like shooters. Lately, we could almost review a game by looking at its engine. Titles using CryEngine have looked great, but suffered horrible performance, especially on consoles.

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